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Connecting Education and a Dehumanized Workforce

New book The Robot Factory asks why a physics professor might fail third grade math and what can be done about it

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Fake Science Is Killing Our Schools - and Our Republic

Science is both a method for understanding and a guide for decision making. It can and should be the foundation for citizenship: logic, reasoning, challenging claims, making choices based on verifiable fact. Authentic science education is key to producing informed, engaged citizens. It can’t be separated from the culture in which it operates.

Instead, we’re in the most vicious cycle imaginable for a democracy—but perfect for a corporatist kleptocracy. With agenda-driven leaders using pseudoscience to justify bad educational policy, education has become a dehumanizing tool for mass producing compliant workers who accept what they’re told and do what they’re asked.

Physicist and educator Dr. Joseph Ganem rips the lid off of this neatly packaged scam. He exposes the dangers of pseudoscience in the hands of decision-makers, educators, and students. In nothing less than a compelling new vision for 21st century education, he calls us to reject pseudoscience in all forms, engage in a collective search for truth, and commit to an authentic education for every child.