Table of Contents

from The Robot Factory

by Joseph Ganem

Books and Pencils on Desk

Part I Pseudoscience in Education

1. What Science Is and Is Not

  • Doing Real Science: Essential Elements
  • The Magical Thinking Behind Pseudoscience

2. Data-Driven Education Reform: A New Pseudoscience

  • The “Mathematical Intimidation” of Teachers
  • The Statistical Impossibility of Adequate Yearly Progress in Schools
  • The SAT: Promoting Equal Opportunity or Perpetuating a Hierarchy?
  • Assessing Colleges: Self-Selected Data
  • Facts Versus Stories

3. The Complexity Myth: The Opposite of Science

  • The Quest for the Perfect Teacher
  • The Teacher-Student Relationship
  • Teachers Are Real Human Beings (Not Idealized Fantasy People)
  • Impossible Expectations = Teacher Shortages
  • Time and Space: The Complex Web of Human Relatedness

Part II Misunderstanding Math and Science Education

4. Why Our Kids Don't Get Math

  • The Widening Gap Between High School and College Math
  • The Disconnect Between the Math Curriculum and Professional Practitioners
  • Making Math Relevant: Assessing Reading Comprehension or Math?
  • The “Chinese Room”

5. Misunderstanding Science Education

  • Why Science Is Hard
  • Science as a Noun
  • Science as a Conversation
  • Science as a Guide
  • Science as a Verb
  • The Limits of Science
  • Having it Both Ways

Part III The Threat to American Democracy

6. False Choice: Pseudoscientific Narrative

  • The Dark Side of Storytelling
  • Schools Are Not Cultural Islands
  • Dismembering Literature to Avoid its Truths

7. School Choice: The Tautology of the Market

  • Free Markets: An Untestable Hypothesis
  • Markets: Meaning, Politics, and Morality
  • Education Markets: The Higher-Ed Debacle
  • The Charter School Movement
  • The Logical Fallacies Embedded in the “Business Model”
  • The Paradox of Wealth

Part IV Rethinking Education

8. The Paradox of Education in the 21st Century

  • Back to the Future
  • Change-Focused Education
  • Beyond the “Business Model”
  • Rethinking College: Preparing for the Unimagined
  • The Expectations Trap
  • The Limits of Education
  • The Necessity of Purpose and Meaning

9. The Robot Factory

  • Performing Versus Understanding
  • Do Robots Understand?
  • Willful Ignorance in the Classroom
  • Relatedness
  • Authentic Education
  • The Use of Pseudoscience in Education
  • The Real Crisis
  • A Call to Action

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